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Asphalt Emulsion

tack coat application

About Our Asphalt Emulsion Products

Callanan Industries maintains a number of asphalt distributor tank trucks which are specially designed in accordance with Section 407-3.01 for the application of Asphalt Emulsion or Tack Coat. Omitting Tack Coat can result in delamination, fatigue cracking, potholes, rutting and other stresses which reduce pavement life and may lead to total pavement failure.

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We produce asphalt emulsion or "tack coat" at two locations, but we are able to transport it far and wide. Contact us for more information!

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6375 Tuttle Road, Canastota, NY 13032

Sales Representative: Todd McArdell

Mobile: 315.575.1545

Email: tmcardell@callanan.com

Plant Phone: 315.697.9569

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101 Dunham Drive, Albany, NY 12202

Sales Representative: James Elacqua

Mobile: 518.225.2539

Email: james.elacqua@callanan.com

Plant Phone: 518.436.8916

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What is Asphalt Emulsion?

An asphalt emulsion is liquid asphalt cement emulsified in water. It is composed of asphalt, water and an emulsifying agent. A thin layer of Asphalt Emulsion or Tack Coat is applied to promote adhesion between an existing pavement layer and a new layer of hot-mix.

Adequate bonding between the existing road surface and the new overlay is critical in order to assure that the completed pavement results in a system capable of withstanding traffic and environmental loads.

In New York State, tack coat material, and its application, must conform to the requirements of Section 407 of the New York State Department of Transportation Standard Specifications.

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Cold Patch (QPR)

Callanan Industries is a supplier of Quality Pavement Repair (QPR) Cold Patch Asphalt, North America's #1 Pavement Repair.

Approved and used by every state Department of Transportation, including New York State, QPR is available in BULK at Callanan Industries, Inc.

QPR is The World's #1 Environmentally Sustainable High Performance Pavement Repair Material. No Mixing, Tracking or Mechanical Compaction Required. Material Remains Workable from – 5° to 105°F.

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